Dollhouse Miniature Furniture - Tutorials | 1 inch minis: metal chair


Miniature Dollhouse Retro Stove with Free Downloadable Pattern

Miniature Dollhouse Retro Stove with Free Downloadable Pattern - YouTube


Dollhouse Flooring 1/12 Cement Tile Miniature Diorama Roombox Farmhouse Floor Printable Download 8.5 x 11 Digital Sheet

Cement tile floors, meticulously crafted to be the perfect 1:12 scale. Just print, trim and install. These flooring sheets are designed to be perfect in every detail. They are ready to be downloaded and printed. Upon completion of checkout INSTANTLY download your files and go. Trim and fit as needed for your miniature project. Perfect for 1/12th scale dollhouses, room boxes and dioramas. Paper Size: 8.5 x 11" Print On: White Cardstock File Format: JPG Resolution: 300 dpi for crisp detail WHAT’S INCLUDED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • Printing Instructions • Printable JPG IT’S SIMPLE . . . . . . . . . . . 1. Complete checkout and instantly download your files. 2. Select the pages that you wish to print. 3. Print on your home printer or with a printing service (such as Kinkos, Staples or Office Depot). PLEASE NOTE . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
 • Colors will vary depending on monitor, printer and card stock used.
 • Due to the digital nature of this product we are unable to offer any refunds. Kindly get in touch prior to making a purchase with any questions you might have. QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . If you have any questions at all please send me a note prior to ordering. Original designs by Jessica Cloe | Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. For personal use only, not for resale. Purchasing this print does not transfer any ownership of copyright to the buyer.


DIY: miniature stove /oven

Diy miniature oven


Shadow Box Molding — Jessica Cloe Miniatures

I’m all about finding ways to dress up the walls in my dollhouse. For a recent project, I wanted to add a thin strip of shadow box molding along the base of the room.


Dollhouse Sliding Door Tutorial

Mini Adventures Co. | Tutorials | Sliding Door | Farmhouse Dollhouse


Dollhouse Miniature Furniture - Tutorials | 1 inch minis: How To make a miniature lamp cupcake liner for shade.


Tutorials — Jessica Cloe Miniatures

Tutorials — Jessica Cloe Miniatures


Late Victorian English Manor Dollhouse: 1/12 Miniature from Scratch: The Earl's Bedroom is finished!


Dollhouse Miniature Green Accented Narrow Bath Cabinet - Bathroom + Laundry Miniatures - Dollhouse Miniatures - Doll Supplies - Craft Supplies

Dollhouse Miniature Green Accented Narrow Bath Cabinet - New Items


3 Ways to Create Egg Carton Masonry for your Dollhouse

In between making Christmas candy and wrapping presents this weekend, I found some time to put my empty egg cartons to work – as masonry for the outside of a dollhouse! Today I’m …


Great how-to: miniature towels for dollhouse/Miniature Z More


Joann Swanson - tutorial for baskets made from manila folder also for styrofoam apples


The bedroom drapes were a yet again a try something new moment inspired by a dollar store visit.  I have an independent party/dollar...


Making a dollhouse fireplace | Nature's Soul Miniatures


50 Miniature Halloween and Fall Tutorials

A blog with dollhouse miniature printables, tutorials and inspiration.


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Mini Terrarium (DIY)

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to work in a few different greenhouses. Spending my day in the fresh, calming atmosphere was so revitalizing, like a private little place just for me. These mini terrariums are 1.2" to 1.6", the perfect size to add to your own doll sized greenhouse. Made with dried moss, they are not alive and don't need to be watered or cared for. They're so cute and not very difficult to make. Start with your container. I made three types: a footed bowl, apothecary canister, and a round vase. For the Footed Bowl You will need: *a clear glass or plastic cap with a unique shape (this lid is from a travel sized bottle of Victoria's Secret Heavenly perfume) *a clear pony bead *a clear button *super glue Use the button as a base, the pony bead as the stem and top with the perfume cap. Use super glue to combine them. For the Apothecary Canister You will need: *a tall clear plastic cap (this one is from a bottle of hairspray) *a clear button *a detailed clear bead *super glue Before any gluing, make sure the button sits comfortably on your plastic cap. If its small enough to fall into the container, it won't work as a lid. Glue the bead to the button. T his will be the handled lid to your canister. For the Round Vase You will need: *tiny glass Christmas ornament (this bulb has a 1" diameter) *a metal ring or button *super glue The button or ring acts as a base for your vase. Set your vase at a slight angle and attach it to the base with glue. To Fill Your Container You will need: *black brown or beige seed beads (the color of pebbles) * dried moss *pretty stones and trinkets *fake flowers *3D Crystal Lacquer *hot glue gun Terrariums are built in layers. The base layer in actual terrariums is made of small stones to collect excess water. For the stone layer, I used black seed beads. To keep them in place, I added 3D Crystal Lacquer. A few drops added over the beads will settle in between and hold them in place. It will look white at first, but dries clear in 1-2 days. The 3D Lacquer is ideal because its designed to be used in dimensional projects and on materials like plastic, and I like that it dries totally clear. I bought this bottle on Etsy. I'm not sure if other glues would work, let me know if you experiment and find something else that works for you. The next layer is dried moss. I found a bag at a Michaels store. At the time, I thought it was so interesting, but had no idea what to do with it. Cut a piece of moss into a circular shape slightly smaller than your container. Set it inside and press down gently. The lacquer on the beads will hold the moss in place. For the round bottle vase, I used the head of a push pin to gently nudge the moss through the neck of the bulb. Many terrariums have a variety of other interesting contents to look at along with the plants. As the focal point for one of them, I used a tiny birdhouse. It was originally an Easter ornament for a tiny tree. You could also use little shells, figurines made to go along with train sets, or jewelry charms. Use hot glue to 'plant' flowers and leaves. For the round bottle vase, hold the flower with tweezers, add a dab of glue to the 'root' and gently touch it to the moss. If you are adding small stones or beads, drop them in now and use the push pin to move them around. For the Planter You will need: *a plastic cap (this one is from spray butter) *twine or yarn *fake flowers *hot glue gun Wrap the lid in twine using hot glue to secure the ends. Trim the stems from your flowers until you are happy with the height when they sit in the planter, then glue in place. To make curly tendrils, I wrapped the excess wire stems from my roses around a push pin. The watering bulb is a glass bead cut from a bunch of faux grapes. To make up the green house scene, I added a cannon piece from the game RISK, a watering can bracelet charm, and the tiny brown bottle was a gift from my friend Kyle. For inspiration, I spent some time studying this beautiful blog full of ideas for living terrariums: thefernandmossery. I adore the look of these creative little indoor gardens. One of my next projects will be making a full sized real terrarium for my apartment. This tutorial was featured on!


Dollhouse Miniature Furniture - Tutorials | 1 inch minis: onion/potato bin


Dollhouse Miniature Tutorials | Besuchen Sie mariasunysusideas ..., #Besuchen #diygardeneasy... #miniaturedollhouse Dollhouse Miniature Tutorials | Besuchen Sie mariasunysusideas ..., #Besuchen #diygardeneasysimple #dollhouse #mariasunysusideas #Miniature #Sie #Tutorials


Dollhouse Miniatures DIY (site has over 200 video tutorials) now/cl


Tutorials — Jessica Cloe Miniatures

Tutorials — Jessica Cloe Miniatures


Anleitung für Minituben 1:12 #dollhouseaccessories Tuben basteln


Free step by step tutorial how to make miniature food and dollhouse items with polymer clay and flower soft floral bouquet


Dollhouse Miniature Furniture - Tutorials | 1 inch minis: Follower's Gallery


Dollhouse Miniature Open Book DIY Kit & Tutorial --- Makes 80 Books

With this kit and tutorial, you'll learn the secret technique behind my bestselling miniature open books! Each kit includes instructions and pages to make 80 miniature antique books using basic crafting supplies. The book pages are high resolution reproductions from real antique books, printed on textured paper. The quality of the images and paper will give great detail and dimensionality to your final product. These books are meant to remain open in a fixed position. For closed books, check out my bestselling antique book kit (See the last photo in this listing)! In addition to colorfully illustrated, step-by-step instructions, this kit includes two sheets of 81 tiny book pages, (162 pages total). So what's on the book pages? Half of the tiny pages you'll receive feature (primarily) text, while the other half feature illustrations. The fun part about this kit is that YOU play designer, pairing pages to tell your own story. Subjects and time periods are various including Victorian, early 20th century, and medieval. Polar bears, aquatic life, butterflies, gothic monsters, and beautiful maidens are just a few of the characters you'll meet! You will receive: -2 sheets of 162 tiny book pages printed on high quality paper, ready to be cut out by you -clear, fully-illustrated instructions for assembly -leather scraps to complete five open books (and information on tracking down more!) Although they are NOT included in this listing, these are the materials I recommend for assembling your kit: -cutting board -card stock paper -hot glue gun -hot glue sticks -sharp and strong scissors -ribbon, leather scraps, paint, etc for getting creative! I am excited to now offer this bestselling kit with book covers in three additional scales: 1:6, 1:24, 1:48. Though the tutorial does not change from scale to scale, you may find it useful to modify the suggested materials and technique to your respective scale. ***PLEASE NOTE*** The last photo of this listing shows books created using my bestselling CLOSED book kit. They are not included in this listing. Card stock, glue sticks, and finished books are also NOT included. But the good news is that this kit only requires basic crafting supplies, which I am betting already live in your house! 1-inch scale finished book dimension: 1.5" x 1"


Incredible Model-Making Tutorials from a Master Modeler | Make:

This modest blog may be the Holy Grail of model-making sites.


bitstobuy: How to make little balls of wool in dolls house scale


Miniatures Projects & Tutorials

Browse projects and tutorials for miniature models and dollhouses.


Where The Gnomes Live : How To Make A Miniature Kitchen Hutch Without Wood...