Shade Tolerant Vegetables vs Sun Friendly Veggies

Most vegetables like 6-8 hours of sunlight a day, but there are some shade tolerant vegetables that will grow in less than this.


Railway sleeper garden beds.


17 Vegetables That Grow Well In The Shade

Most vegetables are high-light plants because they have to produce food. Sunlight is what helps them in food production process or photosynthesis. Unless they get sufficient time in the sun, they cannot make enough food


Four flowers for the vegetable garden

There are many reasons to grow flowers with food. You can boost pollination, as well as entice good bugs. Here are four flowers for the vegetable garden:


Garden Ideas: 20 Must Save Gardening Tips - DIY Crafty Projects


30+ Vegetables That Grow in Shade

Shady areas do present a challenge to growing a vegetable garden. Don't let it stop you from growing food. Here are over 30 vegetables that you can grow in partially shady areas.


How To Grow Buckets Full Of Bell Peppers + Health Benefits & Recipes

There is nothing more beautiful than a basket full of homegrown bell peppers. I have been growing bell peppers for the last twenty years and have never been disappointed. There are many reasons to love bell peppers. They are really easy to grow, loaded with nutritional value and taste amazing raw and cooked.


One Man’s Genius Idea To Grow Tomatoes

[Via and] James Bryan had a bright idea that resulted in something brilliant. Gardeners and repurposing fanatics behold, keyhole garden, meets tomato cage, meets drip irrigation. The setup is obviously simple yet highly functional and effective. You can whip one of these up for next to nothing, especially if you salvage the fencing. Bryan says: I started may 28th planting 4 tomatoes around a garbage can with holes drilled in the bottom rim and a second row up about 10 inches… buried the can to where the top holes just barely were above the ground… put in two shovels full of compost… then I fill the can up with water every 2 days and try not to water the leaves… these four plants are now 5 ft 4 inches in less that a month and a half and loaded with green tomatoes and about a hundred sets of tomato blossoms… May 28th End of June, 3 ft cage July 9 “July 9th after a week of record high temps and very little rain…the plants here are loaded with tomatoes inside the cage and full of blooms too!” -James Bryan via Hometalk Bryan used a 13 gallon kitchen garbage can to grow the tomato plants above but has since switched to using 5 gallon buckets because they’re a lot cheaper and easier to find in quantities. You could even use a larger can as long as you provide each plant with 5 gallons of water per week. For instance if you use a 5 gallon bucket and plant 2 tomato plants around it you fill the 5 gallon bucket 2 times per week. Or a 13 gallon can filled twice yields 26 gallons, so you could plant up to 5 plants around it. “I grow tomatoes now for market, and I have a higher yield per plant than most other growers,” Bryan says.


30 Amazing Ideas For Growing A Vegetable Garden In Your Backyard

Have a look at our fabulous collection of DIY ideas to plan your own vegetable garden, to help create one that is attractive and edible.


Don't Plant These Together Either | Companion Planting, Part 2 | Moms Need To Know ™

Gardens are a lot like people – they don't necessarily get along with everyone. This is a follow-up post to Companion Planting | What NOT To Plant Together At over 125,000 repins, it has easily become my most popular post ever written on Moms Need To Know! Who knew there were SO many plants that would...Read More »


Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: Learn the basics of planting a garden, from planning out and designing the garden space to choosing the best vegetables to grow in your area. Gardening advice from The Old Farmer's Almanac.


20 Perennial Fruits & Veggies To Plant Once & Harvest Year After Year

Growing vegetables and fruits in the home garden is rewarding, but many people are put off by the backbreaking work involved at the start of the growing season. Perennial edibles are the answer to this


How to Grow a Garden You'll Actually Use

Why not grow a garden you'll actually use this year? Here are 8 very fun, practical garden ideas you can plant on your patio or on an acre.


My dream veggie garden.


How to Grow Everbearing Strawberries

For most gardeners, strawberries are the first fruits of early summer. June bearing strawberries produce heavy


DIY: Small Space Vegetable Garden - Remodelista

After two years of living in a New York City apartment where the only outdoor space is a fire escape that I've been told not to use unless actually esc


What to Plant in your Winter Vegetable Garden in February (or August!)

Here is what to plant in your Winter vegetable garden in February if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and what to plant in your vegetable garden in August if you are in the Southern Hemisphere. Plants for your Winter garden varies significantly depending on where you live.


Tomatoes Splitting: Why Tomatoes Split And How To Stop It

Tomatoes splitting on the vine is a very common tomato problem. But don’t worry once you know what causes it you can stop tomatoes splitting open!


10 Productive Vegetable Gardening Tips for Beginners

10 Productive Vegetable Gardening Tips for BeginnersSee these effective vegetable gardening tips for beginners


24 Easy DIY Garden Trellis Ideas & Plant Structures - A Piece of Rainbow

24 best DIY garden trellis ideas & designs: build easy cucumber trellis, bean teepee, beautiful vine pergola, plant screen, & vegetable garden structures!


The Dirt for September 22 2012


Tomatoes Hate Cucumbers: Secrets of Companion Planting and Popular Planting Combinations

Find out which fruit and vegetables should and shouldn’t be planted together with our companion planting chart for some of the most popular garden foods!


Garden Ideas: 20 Must Save Gardening Tips - DIY Crafty Projects


How to Build Healthy Garden Soil

Healthy soil is important for growing strong, vigorous plants that resist pests and diseases and produce abundantly. Use these tips to improve garden soil for a thriving vegetable garden.


Grow a Front Yard Vegetable Garden With Flowers | Empress of Dirt

This little city garden features lots of raised beds with vegetables and fruits tucked amongst the perennials and a small pond. See how you can grow a lot of plants in a small space.


13+ Easy To Grow Veggies & Fruits for Absolute Beginning Gardeners - A Country Girl's Life

Look like a total gardening genius with our list of the EASY to grow veggies and fruits for absolute beginning gardeners!


Why Your Lettuce Is Bolting and What To Do With It - Audrey's Little Farm

Have you ever gone out to find your lettuce tall and bitter tasting. Well that's lettuce bolting! So learn why it's happening and what to do with it.


20 Cut & Come Again Veggies For An Endless Supply Of Free Food

Plant these veggies once and you can pluck, snip and tear nutrient rich food off all season while your veggies grow back even stronger.


The Difference between Male and Female Blossoms - Our Stoney Acres

Learn how to tell the difference between male and female blossoms on your cucrbrit plants in your veggie garden. Knowing the difference will help you grow!


Our Beginner Gardening Tips / Raised Garden Bed Tips | A Hosting Home

Summer Garden Update When I started sharing about our new DIY raised garden beds this summer on Instagram, I would have never imagined that y’all would be as invested as I was! We started our garden as a way for me to keep myself busy this summer as we went into this season without our […]