Core Sliders Ab Workout – DYNAPRO

Although they're pretty simple and non-threatening, core sliders can really increase the burn in your workouts. Core sliders are those disc shaped contraptions at the gym that are designed to minimize friction, allowing you to slide on the floor. They’re a great option to use to open yourself up to some new exercises to try (and more fun to be honest here)! While you probably see these being used for core exercises, you can also challenge yourself by adding sliders to exercises like reverse lunges, side lunges, hamstring curls, etc. By adding the sliders to these types of exercises you’ll be engaging, and therefore strengthening, your core because you’ll need to use stabilizer muscles to perform them. We often get caught up in aesthetic progress with our workouts, but it’s important to work on those stabilizer muscles to help improve our overall performance in the gym. Having a strong core will help with proper form in all exercises and help prevent injury. If you’d like to take these core sliders for a ride, I threw together a fun ab circuit for you to try! Ready to feel the burn? Give this workout a go at home, in the gym, or on the go! You can grab your DynaPro core sliders HERE :) Ab Circuit: Reverse pikes - 10 reps Knee tucks - 10 reps Arm slides - 10 total (5 reps each arm) Mountain climbers - 30 secs Alternating knee to elbow planks - 10 total (5 reps each side) *Rest for 60s and repeat! Repeat whole circuit 3x - no breaks between exercises! Reverse Pikes Knee Tucks Arm Slides Mountain Climbers Knee to Elbow If you try this workout tag us @dyna_pro on Instagram and let us know how you like it!